Any image I create begins with an idea and the quality of light. I consider myself a natural-light portrait and fashion photographer. I love the way natural shifts, deepens, or broadens throughout the day. How it plays a tug-of-war between hues of coolness and warmth.
My portrait and fashion photography are heavily inspired by my 'Holy Trinity,' Herb Ritts, Peter Lindbergh, and Albert Watson. Their work is striking and the use of natural light always left me in awe. They knew how to appreciate their subjects, capture their innermost selves, or highlight distinctive aspects not normally shared.
Being so fortunate to have grown up with many examples of Diversity. I consistently aim to capture alluring images, that evoke the ​inclusivity of all ethnicities, genders, ages & body types.  I want to continue perfecting my craft, while always looking to diversify my skills and challenge myself.
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